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Are you Stuck in an Unfulfilling Career?

Are you unsure how to use Social Media to further your job search?

Donna can help you if:
  • You don’t know what you want to do
  • You don’t know how to navigate the new job search tools
  • You want to change, relaunch or advance your career
  • Your job search strategy isn’t getting results
  • Google doesn’t know who you are

Donna will:

  • Help you figure out where you want to go
  • Help present you in the best light
  • Help you navigate the new social media job search terrain

Click the image below to learn what Donna has to say about
Social Media and the Job Search
as a NYTV JOB HUNT Expert

Job Hunt: Using New Technology to Get a Job
Donna is also featured on episode 3 of NYTV’s Job Hunt:
To view this video please click here



Get a copy of Donna’s ebook You Are the Boss: How to create Income Security In a  world without Job Security

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“….if you want to truly refine and develop your understanding of what the LinkedIn tool set can do for you and your job search, your weapon of choice should be Donna Sweidan. More of an operating partner than a textbook coach, she uses her encyclopedic understanding of how today’s advanced social media tools work to help her clients craft an all-in career transition strategy” —Mac Johnson, Banker
“My job search began and ended with Donna Sweidan.The best investment I made in myself was working with Donna. She points you in the right direction, connects you to valuable networking groups and gives you the right tools to get the job.” —Cathleen Stack, VP of Member Development, Publishing Industry