What’s Keeping You Stuck #1: The Art of Self-Promotion


job-mistake-kilencWe notice that there are many barriers to a successful job search and career management. One of the most challenging for people today, because it is still so new is the delicate art of self-promotion.  If you are resistant to the idea of putting yourself out there on the web, as is required for a successful job search and career management today, maybe it’s time to change that so you can keep your eye on the prize of career fulfillment or advancement.  There is no benefit to remaining anonymous.

Self-promotion means increasing our visibility both in-person and online.  Increased visibility means greater exposure to the opportunities you are hoping to attract.  Take our self-promotion assessment quiz and let us know how you score:

1. I blog or am an active contributor/ “commenter” to one or more blogs in my industry. (10 points)

2. I subscribe and actively contribute to targeted groups on LinkedIn. (10 points)

3. My LinkedIn/Facebook and/ or Twitter feeds are part of my overall brand. My posts invite discussion and reflect my professional image. (10 points)

4. I consistently grow my network (online and in-person). (10 points)

5. My network is aware of my skills, areas of competency or expertise. (10 points)

6. I have mentored/been a mentee and I remain in contact with my mentees/mentors. (10 points)

7. I’m proud of my reputation in professional circles. (10 points)

8. I have the confidence to tell people what I do in an engaging way. (10 points)

9. My resume and cover letters get results. (10 points)

If you’re not happy with your answers to these questions, I bet you can tell what’s missing. What is one thing you can do to improve your online visibility today? We aren’t suggesting that you start writing a blog this afternoon, but we are gently encouraging you to take a bold step and do one thing that you might have found intimidating in the past and just do it.  I know that many of you want to be discrete and err on the side of caution as you create you online presence, however you need to understand the difference between marketing yourself in a professional manner and being too discrete. In this current market place, where the job search is no longer a search, but a self-promotion process, can you afford to remain anonymous any longer?

Need some help understanding how to take yourself from Job Search to Self-promotion, join the  Careerfolk Cafe’s 90-Day Job Search Group.

How the CareerFolk Café Job Search Group Works
  • Live calls will be every two weeks on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM ET.
  • You will have access to pre-recorded webinars on weekly topics to view on your schedule from the comfort of your home computer.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage the coach and fellow participants.
  • The bi-weekly 60-minute live calls will be dedicated to group discussion previous topics, coaching and support, and where you can bring up any of your career or job-search related questions and get answers and assistance from Donna and other members of the group.
  • NEW! CareerFolk Café Job Search Accountability Group — You will also gain membership in our Tuesday evening teleconferences when you can call in and participate in laser coaching with Donna, bring questions for her to answer, and get support to keep moving forward.
  • Plus, you’ll have additional accountability with Jibber Jobber job search & networking management tool monitored by Donna.
  • Finally, you will have 24/7 access to a private LinkedIn group to connect with fellow job seekers, ask questions and get the support you need.




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