The Five Things Missing from Your Job Search

The Five Things Missing From Your Job Search

Based on feedback from clients across the globe, we have identified these common barriers, challenges or mistakes in the search process.

1.Old-school resume

2.Out-of-date Job Search Methods

3. Networking Confusion

4. Skills Gap

5. Your Mindset

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1. Old-school resume

A number of people are relying on outdated resume norms such as objectives and templates.  With 7 to 10 seconds to look at a resume, if it doesn’t “sing” it won’t help you stand out from your competitors.  Roll up your sleeves and dive into the process so your resume really demonstrates your value.  Branding is not a dirty word. It is a valuable tool for an immediate link between you and your unique value.

2. Out-of-date job search methods

It’s not that job search boards never yield jobs, however, it’s best not to rely on these methods.  Rely on your network.  If you don’t have a network, build one and cultivate it.   Put the social in your search and learn how to use social media to enhance your search.  The recommended ratio is to put 20% of your efforts into submitting resumes on job boards and 60% into networking.

3. Networking Confusion

Networking doesn’t mean approaching everyone you know with your hand out.  A large part of effective networking is sharing what you know with others.  A combination of in-person and online efforts can take your circle of influence and grow it exponentially.  This increases your chances of a personal recommendation – which is worth its weight in gold.

“Being referred to a hiring manager by a trusted person is 50-100 times more likely to result in an interview.”

– Lou Adler

4. Skills Gap

Take an honest look at what’s required of the positions you’re applying for and identify where your skills are lacking.  Commit yourself to lifelong learning utilizing resources such as Skillshare.com and continuing education courses.

5. Your mindset

Sometimes the biggest barriers to a successful job search lie within.  Learn to identify these barriers and overcome them.  Things like fear, low self-worth and being unaware of your value, can interfere with your goals for advancement.

Wrapping it up:

Keep in mind the 5 C’s when it comes to your search:

Confidence:  Fake it till you make it

Chip-in:  Give before getting

Chutzpah/ Courage: Be bold, be daring; what have you got to lose

(Self)Care: Put yourself first, no one else will

Consult: We live in a “gig economy” -Create your own gig.

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