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Your Career Change On Paper

Over the last month, I have been an advisor in a Media Bistro Job Search Boot Camp. I have received some version of this question many times: “How do we present a terrific background for a profession we’re trying to get into, as opposed to a terrific background for a profession we’re trying to leave?”

Two Careers, One You

How do you pursue multiple avenues at the same time and keep it all straight on paper?  The question I received this week from one of the job search bootcampers was How do I effectively highlight my work experience … without looking like I am all over the place?” Guy has had more than six years of accounting experience, and has spent…

Give the Gift of what you know: Blogging-Creative Gift Idea #6

I am so thrilled to introduce Bless Vaidian as a new member of the Careerfolk network. I was so excited when Bless told me that she loved to write because I immediately suggested that she put together some articles. In fact I even suggested that she enter her writing into the Jobmob Blogging competition. Little did I know that she would go…