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What Is Career Coaching And How Can It Help You?

The process of career coaching and counseling is still somewhat foreign to many people, but in this current economic climate, not knowing that there is a professional support out there and how they can help you will only cause prolonged unhappiness, and unnecessary job search struggles. If you’re sick with a chronic condition, you seek medical help, why not for your career? It affects every aspect of your life.

Recently I was interviewed by Demetrius Cheeks of Learnvest to find out what career coaches do, and how we can help people who are struggling with getting their career on track or succeed in difficult job search. In this interview with Demetrius I share my experiences as a Career Coach and how the art and science of career counseling can help prep you to compete against the millions of fellow job-seekers or find the right career fit.

Is it time for a BRAND new You? The first 5 steps!

One of the areas I see current job seekers struggling with is the notion of Personal Branding. Yes, it’s probably becoming a little cliched at this point, but at the same time, it is also essential in today’s job market- How else can you stand out in the most overcrowded job market in decades?  So, in an attempt to help break this…