Step into Your Boldness

Step into your boldness. 

Change is hard. I see it with many of my clients who reach out for guidance to make a career change. While we know we want it, it’s not easy to embrace the changes required to make it happen. Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.04.25 PM

I recently had to take my own advice that I regularly give to clients. “ Step into your boldness.” Careerfolk turned 11 years old and we were sitting with an antiquated website that desperately needed a revamp. I reached out to professionals a while back, but got distracted with a lot of work that continuously streamed in so the pressure to make the badly needed changes didn’t feel urgent. Creating a new website also required a huge amount of work, and I just wasn’t as motivated as I needed to be.

Time passed. Months. Almost a whole year passed and the pressure to get a new website up was building in my mind. I needed to refresh our brand. But when it came to reaching back out to the web designer, I was anxious. I would need to commit to the work. That was hard.

The parallels with my clients were undeniable as my resistance was palpable. Not only did putting together a new website and brand require a lot of work, but it also required stepping out with a bold new look that was going to take a major psychological shift. Having been self-employed for the last 11 years, I’m used to putting myself out there, but after a while, I took more of a back seat, became complacent, and was content with the work that flowed in the door.

This was not unlike my clients who became complacent in unfulfilling jobs, but were too comfortable to make the change. Receiving a nice paycheck, or being too scared to do the work required keeps many people stuck. Career reinvention requires looking deep within oneself and the answers don’t come easily or quickly for many. It takes patience. It requires you to get the support you need from any number of people. Eventually, I rallied with the support of my colleague Tava, other professionals and my friends, and was able to push through and embrace the shift.

I’m now thrilled to report that we have a bold and fresh new website. It’s clean and not clunky like the old, oh so 2005, website.

We all need to refresh our careers or rebrand ourselves at some point. For some this may happen just once, for others every couple of years. Whether it’s a simple as changing the 10 year old Linkeidn profile photo, or a complete career change. You have to step into the boldness, just don’t forget to breath.

We all need a village to support us through professional growth, and as a small business owner, I must express deep gratitude to these phenomenal professionals who supported me through this process A loud shout out to Randallhoyt.com, LaurenRhodes.com and Carlos Barrios.

Take a peak at our bold new look and if you are ready to press refresh on your brand, give us a shout.

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