Spring Cleaning for Your Job Search – 6 Tips

Growing up, on the first warm day of Spring my mother and I would start an epic cleaning regime that lasted nearly the whole day. I am sure that I wasn’t as helpful as I’d like to believe but, in my head, I was integral to this operation. Windows were opened wide and rugs shaken outside in the sun. There were buckets and furniture was moved away from the walls.  Music would blast and, of course, we had the occasional dance break. I have maintained this tradition in more ways than one. yellow-flower-in-snow-listed-as-public-domain-on-pixabay

Why am I sharing this with you? I invite you to apply these Spring clean rituals to your job search. Have your methods gathered cobwebs or become too routine? Spring is a great time to de-clutter your efforts and re-vamp your strategy.  Open the windows wide and get to work! Here are some tangible steps to get you started:

1. Your Network: Go through your contacts and think about who could benefit from knowing each other. Make some introductions.

2. Get Out There: Sign up for events or conferences. I signed up for a gardening class in a new town. Similar classes have yielded new clients in the past. Don’t limit your efforts to outright networking events but consider learning something you are generally interested in just to be around a new group.

3. Check in with LinkedIn: You’ve got contacts on LinkedIn that you have probably forgotten about. Comb through your list thoroughly and don’t let good connections go cold. Chime in on a blog post or toss out a question to a group.

4. Dust Off Your Resume: A resume is not a static document. It is an ever-evolving reflection of your skills and accomplishments.  If you’ve received a promotion, taken a course or added a role in your current position, put it on your resume.

5. Rate Yourself: List all of your efforts and take an objective look at how you use your time. What can you do differently?  For example, if you’re not currently working, has social media become more of a distraction than a strategic job search tool?

6. Keep Yourself in Good Spirits: You owe it to yourself to engage in a bit of fun. In order to project positivity, you really must make sure that you engage in things that keep you positive.

The Careerfolk team has done a bit of cleaning as well. We’ve just sifted through papers, policies and packages to see what makes the cut and what can be let go. We updated our services and methods so that we can meet the evolving needs of our clients. We’ve created a multi-media networking packet to help people stay accountable (and strategic) as they look to expand their contacts.  We have also began the early stages of a complete website re-design. It’s very satisfying to roll up our sleeves and make changes.

Channel your Spring motivation and see your efforts blossom (excuse the pun). As always, we’re here to help you along the way.  Shoot us an email at info@careerfolk.com anytime.

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