Individual Career Coaching

Are You “Committed to Success” In Your
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  • Getting a successful career started relies on how well you show up on paper and in person.
  • Having a successful career hinges on how well you build relationships and stay current on skills to do the job.
  • Maintaining a successful career takes planning, determination and focus.

Wherever you are in your career, a key to your future success could include having an objective ear and accountability partner. Where would you like to be more successful? How committed to your success are you right now? How long would you like to remain successful? What are you willing to do and sacrifice to be successful?

All these questions can be answered with the help of a career coach. Your answers will determine where to focus your career coaching.

Career coaching can help you with:

  • identifying your values, interests, and skills through the use of career assessment instruments
  • investigating specific professions and/or industries
  • turning interviews into job offers
  • achieving a promotion
  • managing office politics, or
  • working on difficult office relationships

Once you’ve determined your focus, you can decide how your coaching relationship will grow. Do you want a short-term relationship to meet an immediate need? Or do you want a long-term relationship of accountability?

We have a number of “Committed to Success” packages to meet your needs based on relationship length:

  • Emergency Package: one, 45-minute coaching session
  • Premium Package: a 6-month relationship that includes two, 45-minute sessions each month
  • VIP Package: a 12-month relationship that includes two, 45-minute session each month