Dream Big – What’s Stopping You?

Just for a moment, I invite you to put a blindfold over your practical side.  What happens when you allow yourself to dream big with 10348535_10152502281491463_7190894824729391575_nregard to your career goals?  Some of the most successful companies began as somebody’s day dream or “ah ha moment.” Why is this important?  Well, because it taps in to your passion and passion equals momentum.  Passion and momentum are two of the most important qualities in a job search so why not use them to your advantage?  You may not be in a position to go full steam ahead on your wildest dream but you can look for ways to incorporate some of the key elements.

Give yourself the gift of 5 minutes a day to close your eyes and ask yourself the following:

If nothing could stop me, I would earn my living by ______________.

When I was a kid, I always wished I could be a  ________________.

If I could achieve this career dream, I would be most proud of myself for __________________.

The people who would actively support me in this goal are ___________________________________________.

This goal would make me happy because I could ______________________________.

Thankfully, there is no fantasy police.  Nobody is going to read the contents of your mind and punish you for letting your mind explore what excites you; regardless of real or perceived barriers.  Pay attention to how you feel after giving yourself this gift of dreaming big.  I can tell you from experience that some of my clients have difficulty putting their goals first – even for the few moments it takes to fantasize about an ideal work situation.  But this is an important exercise to help you explore the thoughts that get in the way of making your career fantasy into a reality.

After you dream big, you can dissect the parts that are easy to assimilate into your life.  For example, suppose you have a dream of starting your own business dealing with environmentally-friendly solutions for businesses.  Here are some tangible steps you can take right away:

1. Search for (or create) a Meetup group for environmental awareness. (Note: there are several in existence throughout the tri-state area).

2. Grow your network by adding these contents to LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, etc.

3. Give yourself a reading list (blogs, articles, books) to immerse yourself in the topic and see how feasible it is to establish yourself as an “expert.”

4. Do a quick search for companies and see if any of them fit your model.  What don’t they offer that your dream business could?

Even if this is just a playful exercise that doesn’t lead to a career change, the simple act of letting yourself feel excited and curious will be to your benefit.  Don’t be afraid to dream big and then see which pieces of your dream can fit into your life right now.  You can give yourself the gift of coaching if you need some incentive to get started.

If you’re ready to jumpstart the new year with invigorated career goals, contact Tava to set up an appointment  


About Tava 

Tava Auslan is a career counselor,  resume writer and dancer. After earning her BA in Psychology from SUNY Purchase and an MSEd in Counseling from Fordham University, she began her career with Donna at The New School Career Services Center in 2002. There she worked with students and graduates pursuing a variety of careers.  She later went on to serve as the Assistant Director of Disability Services.  This background has shaped her foundation for working with college students, recent grads and individuals with disabilities.  A skilled counselor, she is compassionate, insightful and delivers the right amount of “push” to motivate her clients.  She is known for her ability to help people assess their challenges, determine where they are stuck and offer tangible solutions to get them back on track. An astute writer, Tava translates this into crafting resumes that tell a compelling story for job seekers of all ages and stages.



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