You Can Conquer Linkedin with Complete, Compelling & Customized Contours..

Okay, I’m having some fun with this.  If you need more of a laugh, take a look at this great video below. Are you feeling like some of these guys regarding LinkedIn?  If you participated in a recent workshop of mine, you know that I’m pretty insistent on how important a 100% complete profile is. I know there are still quite a few skeptics out there who don’t believe LinkedIn can be helpful. Or maybe it simply makes you anxious because, well, the video says it all!  Don’t worry, you are not alone, it can be confusing and it’s not intuitive to many. Did I mention they are changing the interface all the time? But the truth is, LinkedIn is really important. (The other day I wrote about how social media is revolutionizing the job search process). Not to make you nervous but aren’t you excited to get your job search up and running?


I am in the business of helping people be successful in their careers, so I’m going to promote the best strategies and tools. LinkedIn is the premier networking site in the business world today. And networking & referral are the number 1 way people land jobs today. LinkedIn is at the top of my list for helping you towards that end.   So, what ya waiting for? Here’s a brief recap of the first 5 of my 10 C Rule for optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Don’t have time to read these, but rather want to learn everything you can about maximizing LinkedIn & Social Media, read more about my upcoming Social Media For Job Search Bootcamp here.

1. Complete: And that means picture and all. Today’s new digital economy requires a professional looking photo to lend credibility to your online persona. You may be nervous about over-sharing your personal info online, but Google searches have largely replaced the traditional resume.  A solid online persona is a must, not a choice. If you’re not on the web, starting with sites like LinkedIn, it’s as if you don’t exist. Be sure you have a clear and concise statement of who you are at the top of your profile, then work your way meeting all the requirements that make your profile complete.

2. Comprehensive: Include everything in your life history that you deem important in your life. Volunteer work, that includes all unpaid experiences. Highlight the aspects of your volunteer work where you made a difference. (Having trouble identifying your career highlights, leave a comment below, or give me a shout at my Facebook and I’ll send you my favorite exercise that can help you create a much stronger and compelling career history.)

3. Customized. While the overall LinkedIn profile is pretty generic, there are many parts of it that you can personalize. Starting with your LinkedIn profile URL, you should customize it to your name, like I have with mine, www.linkedin.com/in/donnasweidan. Once you have a clean looking Linkedin profile address, you can include it on your business card, resume and at the bottom of your email signature.

4. Connected. What is LinkedIn, if you are not “LinkedIn” to the right people. What is stopping you from connecting with your next employer, partner, or colleague with Linkedin? Since the number one way people land jobs today is through referral, shouldn’t you be taking advantage of the huge potential for getting connected to the right person?

5. Converse. So many people forget the “social” in Social Networking and Social Media. These networks are designed precisely to help you connect with people. In the case of LinkedIn, it allows you to connect and converse with people at companies where you wan to work. Have you dived into the companies page? You;ll be blown away with what you can learn and who you can find to talk to. So who said you don’t have access to the right people? Humm?

Have questions, make a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

If you are having a difficult time finding your next gig, isn’t it time it found you? Join me for my first ever Social Media Bootcamp with over 6 hours of coaching on how to integrate smart job search strategy with Social Networking tools. Next up is LINKEDIN Indepth.  If you can’t join me, let me know what kind of questions you have on my Facebook or Linkedin for more career advice and updates! I look forward to hearing from you. Please tell me where you are most stuck.

One Comment on “You Can Conquer Linkedin with Complete, Compelling & Customized Contours..

  1. Hi,
    Having trouble identifying career highlights. I am open to receiving your favorite exercise that can help create a much stronger and compelling career history.

    Something must not be proper with my linkedin profile as I am not getting contacted by recruiters / employers. I’m getting anywhere about 149 views and 450 search appearances in the past month…
    So perhaps your excercise may help.



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